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Reviews for "Mario's Castle Collab 2"

How wonderful

Dude, I have just been hitting the jackpot lately with fantastic things to review. What makes this so flawless is how you managed to have two great parts before the title screen even showed! It's unbelivable how much this series has evolved over just its second entry! I freaking love how unbelievable everything is! At first I was going to say my favorite part was #19, but then I had to go with the finale, #20. The sound effects were fantastic and I could tell everyone put tons of work into this.

I was amazed that Mario was finally able to destroy the castle in the end. Like "Phineas And Ferb" I knew something was going to set the Reset Button. The sprite work was completely flawless. I hope everything involved had a very merry Christmas and a wonderful life with many more years to come with this! You guys make me proud to be a prolific online reviewer! It is just so utterly inspiring!


Words do this no justice my friends. It's plainly obvious you worked incredibly hard on this one, more so even than the first, and I gotta say you did one HELL of a job. :-) Twenty was the best damn one and kudos to it's maker, lol poor Mario finally destroy's the Castle only for a slip of the foot to f**k it up for him. XD

Great job guys, really great job.


I was dying the whole way through. The delivery of Mario movies has never been better. Keep up the funny sprites!

totally hilarious!!! xD

Mr Lange, with your clip, the last one, you my man, earn an 11th star, just hilarious!!! xD

man i really wish u could make a 3rd one. u guys rock!!!!