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Reviews for "Mario's Castle Collab 2"


I don't think there was a part where I wasn't laughing in this one, awesome job guys! Certainly a huge improvement over the first part!

I think the flash speaks for itself

it was amazing, that's all there is to say...


This was sick! I am happy to join!

Cool, came out on mah birthday.

@Lange/Eric: Gud job, you don't need me to compliment you.

@Rest of collab animators: Some of you guys did really good, I got some laughs from it. Nice job.

@Travis: You totally halfassed your job. The collab was pieced together terribly. The stuff before the intro looked terrible, the menu screen looked like shit (Should've tried to make a menu off the title screen of Eric's intro).The ordering of the collab parts wasn't thought out well enough. Why is there an intro to the intro? 2nd Stamp's part would've done better later on in the video. You killed this collab, and you should feel bad. All you did was rely on Lange to save your clustershitfuck-of-a-job at the end. Did you even make a part? Jesus christ you're one untalented piece of shit.

Nevertheless, it came out alright, not the worst thing I've ever seen.


Lol, man you guys really pulled out the big guns on this one. Some very creative elements in this collab, great comedy as well, all in all I loved it haha..