Reviews for "Hello to Newgrounds"

There's actually a reason behind this.

The animation quality is there, and I liked your voice as well. Length is not as important to me. The remaining stars are for the point you're making with this. What probably started to happen is, when the Portal went automated around 10 years ago, some genuineless talentless hacks, who had a high opinion of themselves and their work, had all their submissions blammed. The resentment this would have bred can easily have brought about the almost auto-blamming mentality of truly good work, especially that done by newcomers. I'm also concerned about members that have been here for so long that a certain ambivalence or jadedness may have set in. (One possible example is the highest ranking female member on Newgrounds, Junon. She's achieved Level 60, and has judged over 10,000 flashes; however, she has her alignment set to Evil, and she has more Blam points than Save points.) It is certainly possible to absolutely make a splash and wow people here on the first try, but that's the exception and not the rule. I should also point out that I do NOT believe for a moment that the Fulps are a part of this problem. They may have brought an edgy attitude to Newgrounds, but their mission is one of inclusion, which is what "Everything. By Everyone." means, and the overall content of this site (read: what's been ALLOWED to remain) bears that out.

This flash did survive the judgment phase, so don't forget that. I also want everyone else reading this NOT to assume that I'm the EXACT opposite of the sort of person I described above, just giving out fives and tens blindly. I've successfully blammed 72 flashes (the "Septuagint of Suck"), and I'm certainly capable of giving a zero-star review (look it up). I hope this helped to explain what you're dealing with.


Now... GO... Make... More awesome flashes!!!! Seriously, potential here!

Funny and true, nice audio for both the quiet and loud voices, and very amusing and much worth the watch.

Very good

Animation is nice and smooth, only problem I could find was tthe length, but since it's your first flash on NG you deserve a 4/5

Very realistic of how we treat new users.
The humour was great with perfect timing, the voice acting was so and so, not that great but also not bad by any means.