Reviews for "Hello to Newgrounds"

Haha funny!

The art was cool! I like how you drew the characters! And the monster was hilarious! But a gradient background would make it more awesome.
The animation was simple. Just some simple FBF stuff...

Putting a preloader on this would helpful, and I realize you use the stop(); action while not putting a replay button...

So I guess you're trying to protray how you make friends on NG, always being brought down by jerks...
I'll be your fwiend! :3

Good Start

Seems like you have skills, but it was too short, I don't mind short animations, I believe an idea can be done with little time, but this was too short, for me at least, I had to watch it more than once to fully get it, and the lack of a replay button made it kind of annoying.

That said, I think I know where you were aiming, and it's not a bad idea, and as I said before it seems like you have the ability to make longer high quality animations, so I'll be looking forward to your future works.

Well yeah.

A little bit funny I guess, good observation of how here on newground when you try to introduce yourself everybody is like "STFU! you're not special!". But I would like to see that you would have pre-loader. I know it doesn't take long to load and does start right away, but sound and the animation wasn't synced the first watch the flash and I had to refresh the page to make it work smoothly.

Very good

Animation is nice and smooth, only problem I could find was tthe length, but since it's your first flash on NG you deserve a 4/5