Reviews for "Xtrullor - Screamroom"

This is simply... AWESOME, i can even say that is the best song i ever heard.
The intro catch the listener attention very well, making him listen a bit more.
The drops, just awesome, there´s were the listener don´t wanna quit of the song, because their awesomeness,
The Harder distortions just point in one direction, impress the listener
All this together, makes an epic and masterpiece dubstep song, making you say: Can be something better than this? leaving with no answer
Awesome as usual Xtrullor, please never stop surprising the Newgrounds Comunity

Once again my favorite music artist has blown my mind. This song is unique. And it sounds really good. Amazing as always Xtrullor.

awesome ! One of the best dubstep sound this year !! your music is awesome, not too far of paragonx9... congratulations !!!

Best track this year by far.
Perfect for Halloween which is in a few days.
Please make more <3

SICK track man :D :D :D