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Reviews for "William and Sly 2"


I loved the game I love every detail and the music was so relaxing <3 please make a third part :) The only problem was that I couldn't get all the mushrooms, I got 97/100 and I didn't want to search those last three ones... eventhough I had this sepcial ability.

no words to describe it!

It was a amazing adventure!
Gameplay was excellent and graphics were perfect!
I only wish the map would be bigger and that you could find these gnomes..
but overall the game was perfect!


I can't belive how amazing this game is! When I played the first W&S I rmember felt relaxed and happy (I love the smells that brings the rain) I'm happy that you've made a second game of that. Congratulations for this amazing and artistic game

I had fun playing this game...but now i'm stuck. I know where the chest with water amhni is, but i cant get any key... i read the wooden signs, and they've helped me so far, but now offer no clue to help me along. I suppose i may have a weak backbone... Kajenx, can u please put more clues at least??

this game is great i love foxes >^.^<