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Reviews for "William and Sly 2"


Great game, kept me entertained for a long, long time. Graphics are real smooth, just everythinig about this game seem to click for me. The music, the gameplay, the whole story behind it and such. I'm usually no fan of the 3D style, but I think it looks real good.

I love the visuals and the music is superb.. smooth game play. I was able to complete the teleportation mission and the ahmni mission. But it is really impossible for me to get the last frozen pixie. which is near the chest that had the water ahmni in it. that island is too far from anything. i wish we were able to use the tree branches like the first game.


This is AWESOME!!!!!

I thought the1st William and Sly was GREAT & that it couldn't get any better but you sure out did yourself with this one! This game is just so beautiful, I love everything about it! I'll be stuck playing this for sometime now on here, much thanks to you. Really, I enjoy these games & you've done such a wonderful job with this one. Once again, Lucas... 5/5 & added to my favs!

Beautiful work!!! Please, keep it up... I LOVE IT!!!! XD

Absolutely loved it. Never have I been so immersed in a game after a long day. What a great stress reliever with the music and mellow game play. I loved it!

Absolutely been in love with game for years and have come back several times to play it through.. love the music and art, just everything about this game