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Reviews for "William and Sly 2"

Enjoyed greatly

I played the first one to, so i'm not unfamiliar with the game.
This definitely has great improvements compared to the first one.

I was not sure where to start collecting every item. Assuming it would take a long time to find everything, but the nice puzzle system helped alot with collecting and very fast. I played the whole thing through in an hour.

The 3D graphics i liked alot and also it seemed like the fox's physics were better as well. Aldo since it's long time ago i played the first, i don't remember it to well. According to the ending i'm: A caring, obese and persistent fox.

Nice result :D


Love the 3D artwork and the detail is flawless 10 out of 10. Perfect. Amazing game.

Absolutely beautiful!

One of my favorite Newgrounds games is back! Beautiful graphics, more quest mechanics, and relaxing exploring fun. It's fun being a fox.


Okay, so now I'm going to have to go back in time and finish William and Sly, but that's beside the point. This is a major graphical boost, compared to W&S, since everything looks smoother, the gameplay is sleeker, with the ability to double jump / fly being somewhat prevalent, after you've unlocked it.

Overall, I feel that with the loss of the darklings to divert or distract you in this game, it seems a lot easier to play now, with just the problems of remembering where all of the chests were that you spotted earlier in the game. Because it's only flashed up on screen and I've not run past it, apparently, it won't show up on the mini map, which seems odd. I can understand hiding some of the journal pages, which are in the more difficult to reach locations, but hiding a chest which I've seen in passing about a dozen times, because I can't find enough keys to unlock the chest of the Water crystal spirit from my sight wasn't the nicest of mechanics. I found this odd, seeing as you appear to have made all aspects of the game easier to play.

I love the new graphics and it's really something that's raised the bar in your latest venture. I love the puzzles and that now we can see into these additional cave areas, because that was one part that really got my goat with W&S. Now we can see where Sly is, though I'd have liked to see more of William in the piece. Some of the journal pieces could have been made into some sort of FMV, perhaps with a voice actor to play William, as he narrates it all. Why not have a set journal piece for each location and the story could get jumbled up, as you collect them? Perhaps it's just a piece, illustrated with images and read out at the end, who knows? A special ending for completing 100%, perhaps.

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Kajenx responds:

Thanks for the review! Lots of fair points. :)

Also, thanks for getting all the metals, now I don't have to play through for the 10th time today. :#

A masterpiece.

This game is a winner for many reasons all of which are summaried below:
(1)Beautifully animated and realistic surroundings and characters
(2)An extensive map for exploration with all the secret caves and surprises
(3)Multiple objectivities such as searching journal entries,saving trapped pixies and collecting mushrooms.
This is really a great game to kill time especially to fans of adventure games(and possibly action game fans too) as it would provide large amounts of fun through its simple concept of exploration.