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Reviews for "William and Sly 2"

A most perfect late Xmas present

I can't even describe what I felt when I realized the new game is here, because I wasn't following your blog, and had no idea when will it come out.
That being said... this game is probably one of the best flashes on the whole Internet.

I must say, I was slightly disappointed at first when I realized the art style changed, but it took me a short time to realize you've done it so bloody perfect I fell in love with it. The quality of animation is unbelievable.

Now for the game itself - the addition of a few actual missions apart from collecting things is a pleasant surprise, and the Shrines are a great addition to the atmosphere and the world of William and Sly, as well as the pixies.
The journal updates are a nice way to keep the story unfolding in a very non intrusive and passive manner.

The music is as gorgeous and as fitting as it was in the first installment.

And the most amusing thing is, what I noticed many other people enjoying too - simply making Sly run and hop around, because watching him do so is pretty enjoyable, especially with animation like yours.

For the end, I guess this game has a flaw or two - the main one for me would be the fact the map is much shorter than from the first game, or at least it appears so. I practically memorized it, while I still easily get lost in the first installment.
But I guess it would take you much longer to keep working on a bigger map, and we all eagerly waited for this game to be available, so we'll simply forget about that and enjoy what we have.

Thank you for this wonderful addition to the Newgrounds, hopefully you make another one of this exploration platformers we've all been enjoying so much. :)

Kajenx responds:

When I was working on the map I was wondering how big to make it. It's actually about the same as the first one, in terms of surface area. The first one was about 2.5 screens wide, but it only had a single path through it. This one is kind of like 2 - 3 paths layered on top of each other. That makes it easier to backtrack, I think.

Maybe the next one will be more distance based, though. :3

Great game

Awesome game, I remember playing the first game and thought i must play this one and i was impressed but bit anoyed. I couldn't find the temple where the ability was supposed to be :( so i couldn't finish the game but I'll give it another look go tomorrow, it's probaly really obvious :D

Loved it

An excelent sequel to an excelent game, the relaxing music is perfect, the flight in this one is alot better than in the previous game and the animation of the fox is alot smoother as well. While I can can understand some peoples opinion about the 3D characters with the drawn environment being a bit odd i think it works really well and i never gave it that much thought. The good thing is that you don't have to had played the first game to play this one but if you haven't i'd say you should try it though. I highly recomend this game to anyone.

Artistic, intelligent and enchanting above all.

To those who have not played this game, I encourage you to do so before reading beyond this overwritten paragraph. The ultimate purpose of this review is not so much directed towards persuading potential players, because the game itself makes a fine speech in that regard. Rather, I'll be constructively critiquing the artist himself, and I won't withhold any of the details that may otherwise obstruct the full experience of discovering this game's secrets by yourself.

Now, to the artist and those of you who have the unnatural patience for wordwalls...I recognized the title immediately and became a leap happier in that moment. Of what little I remember of William and Sly, I do know I enjoyed it. While this game did not meet my initial expectations based on those weak memories, it greatly surpassed them in unexpected ways.

Having said that, throughout the game, I was pleased to find details that preceded intuition, a quality in games I strongly admire but seldom find. Some examples: noticing platforms set high aloft Sly's jumping peak, I thought, "I'm sure there's some sort of ability to get up there." That set a potential goal for me, so I was constantly on the lookout for something that hinted towards that ability. When I discovered the first of your adorable interpretation of pixies, I suspected them for their habit of hopping about Sly, even in mid-air.

I wondered what reward awaited from unearthing the Ohnem runes, and upon completing that, I thought, "Oh, yeah! I think these were in the first game." Needless to say, I found their return a terrific convenience, especially when discovering an Ahmni a minutes' trek across the map. Coincidentally, around my first dozen mushrooms, I wondered, "It would be nice if there might be some sort of item or ability that shows me where things are." I expected this device to reveal secrets via icons on the map, but I was rewarded rather with something that didn't ruin the theme of exploration that serves so obviously as the foundation for this game. I became all the more delighted that for those maybe seeking a greater challenge, this option was just that--optional! Perhaps that could have made for another achievement? That is, discovering all the items without the Ahmni Sight.
I recall vaguely my experience with William and Sly in what seems like some odd years ago, yet in playing this sequel, I found myself thinking, "You know, I seem to remember there were some sort of monsters in the original game." I can honestly admit that I began dreading their potential appearance, and I am happy they did not return after all, because I think they may have drastically affected the fluency of exploration in this game.
Now, my initial reaction to the updated art direction was, "Whoa! What happened here?" I suppose that was a neutral thought to start, but as the visuals unfolded while I progressed, I fell in love with the parallax. I can only say that you have nearly fulfilled a dream I have long sought after, and in fact thought I would witness only once I attempted it myself. "Nearly" only in that the parallax succeeded in filling a bit of the visual void left by the inanimate environment. I would imagine the air in those mountains is stagnant, but for signs I discovered that suggested otherwise. Incidentally, the ambience expressed the environment well--I especially appreciated the hootings of owls, which are my favorite kind of aerial predator, and the gentle music complemented the calm mood. Yet, subtle sounds with accompanying visuals could have been a subtle way to hint at the location of an Ahmni while aiding in the variety of progressing the mountain, such as a babbling brook for the water Ahmni, a cracking fire or bubbling magma for the fire Ahmni, etc.

The journal was an excellent motivator, since it expanded the depth of the setting while sharing a story. It seemed to join every element in the game together and connect me to it, too. After years of searching, I have finally experienced something I can describe as enchanting. I only wish I had more room to type.

Oh, and thank you.

Kajenx responds:

This was a fun read. :3 Your language is so full of whimsical turn-of-phrase. I felt like I was reading a speech meant for a Dramatis personæ divulging his most efficacious terms of endearment. Thank you for enchanting me with your enchantment. ;)


It took me hours, but I finished the game. I beat all the shrines, got all the mushrooms and obtained every journal page. This was a lot of fun to play.

The animation is beautiful, the coding is nearly perfect (except for the little lag with the saving and the lag when you get fire), the 3-D fits and it's not forced or anything, the backgrounds are amazing and set you in the mood, and the story is sweet and fantastical.

It's somewhat long, cute, and a great sequel that wasn't necessary, but definitely fitting, and those're one of the best kinds of sequels. This was an upgrade of it all, not a downgrade.

Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. I expect more.