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Reviews for "William and Sly 2"


I can't belive how amazing this game is! When I played the first W&S I rmember felt relaxed and happy (I love the smells that brings the rain) I'm happy that you've made a second game of that. Congratulations for this amazing and artistic game

Very nice :D

Everything is so smooth and you can see that you put alot of work into this. my only problem is that after a while it started to hurt my eyes, unlike the first one with a more simple animation this was 3d. verynice 3d game for a flash or whatnot. other then my eyes crying blood from the awesomness of 3d, that they cant handle i guess, this game is very good! Bravo ser!


I love this freakin' game! I love how sly moves so smoothly. The animation is amazing. It's really a very good game.

Loved this!

Having enjoyed the first game, I was really pleased to see you'd made a sequel, and loved the gameplay on this. It took a couple of minutes to get used to how to jump, but after that it was a joy. I think a shorter game made it more enjoyable to play too.
In answer to the previous reviewer, all I can tell you is that the out of reach bits and bobs get within reach once other parts of the game have been completed - keep going with it!

im stuck

all the keys and pixies are on platforms that are just out of my reach how am i suppose to get to these areas when i try to jump to them u just miss it and i cant seem to find any other ways to these areas