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Reviews for "William and Sly 2"


I am rarely impressed by flashes and this one really got my attention. Beautiful smooth graphics that provide an immense satisfaction while playing.

An awesome piece of work.

Awesome game

Great graphics / Sound / Gameplay

Only thing wrong with this beautiful game is that their really isn't much replay value.

I'd like to give a suggestion that I doubt will be taken seriously but could help if you continue with the series by adding replay value. I was thinking about it and I bet this game could have an awesome multiplayer.

Multiplayer- Red Foxes vs Pixie foxes. Up to 6 players.

-Both teams start off on different sides of the map. Near their spawn would be an area where the teams mushrooms would respawn.

- Now everyone starts off with 50 mushrooms that they can put down by pressing Down Arrow. The farther away from spawn they are.. the more points their mushrooms get for the team.

- If the enemy team finds your mushroom and takes it.. then it gets tossed back at your spawn.

-Holding down arrow for 3 seconds makes your character stealthed for 10 seconds so you can sneak past the other team or to counter the enemy from following you around.

-Each player can have different roles. Collecter / Placer / Decoy

-Most points at the end of the match wins.

Anyways awesome game.. I hope the next one has more upgrades aswell. :D

I loved it!

I have to say, that it is just amazing, but hoped more difficultness just like in the earlier game. I really hope that there are coming another one too! :)


no note 9/10 yes yes

Loved it :)

I signed in for the first time in 7 years so that I could review this game! :)

1. It's beautiful! How did you make it so pretty?
2. The soundtrack is stunning. It was very fitting for the mood of the game, and the sound of the wind and the birds definietly recreated the ambiance of the woods.
3. Game play is much easier than William and Sly 1, and like someone mentioned below, I like that there are hidden caves instead of hiddne passageways where you can't see where you are going. (Both are fine, but I think the caves are an improvement). Also, thank you for the map in this one! I liked how everything was much more clearly marked.
4. I was a little dissappointed that there was no sign of the gnomes... but perhaps this is just a good set up of Will and Sly 3? *hint hint*