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Reviews for "William and Sly 2"


a PURE platformer.

it knows what it wants to be and it does it well with pretty gfx and relaxing sound.
a bit smplistic, it would help to introduce new platfroming problems to solve instead of just puzzles and searching every cm of landscape
would spice it up a bit for a 10 out of 10


How can you rate this with an 8?
no manners.
This is god damn best flash I have seen on here. numbnuts.
man am shittin meh pants this is just superb work here.
this just redefines flash in a new way

nice but boring

its a good platform game, sly moves smmothly but its kinda boring...

Good game! Questionable graphics?

I very much enjoyed the game. I loved the first one and this one was more fun, for me. I can see why some might not enjoy it, since there isn't much actual "challenge" to it beyond simple puzzle solving, but this is more of an exploration game than anything, so having little to no combat makes sense.

The music and sound were top notch, and the gameplay was great, but the graphics bother me quite a bit. They looked like not-so-great Poser models. The first game had simpler art, but it was a lot easier on the eyes, at least for me. The backgrounds and such are better in this one, but the actual characters look really awkward and unpleasant. It didn't take too much away from the game, but for a game that's so heavily based on exploration and such, visuals are important!

The controls are much better in this one. Using space instead of shift to bring up the menu makes a world of difference.

My only other lament is that this one is a bit short! I beat it in one sitting, which is nice for some games, but this would be so great with even more areas to explore! Here's hoping that if/when you make a third game in the series, you expand upon the game's world a bit, because I'd definitely like to explore more of it! Maybe even have more side-quests that can alter the end result of the game.

Also, a minor thing that probably didn't bother many players but did bother me was the choice of typeface. It appears to be Copperplate Gothic or something similar, which just doesn't really seem to fit the atmosphere of the game. Like I said, very minor, but font choice can make a significant difference, even on a subconscious level.

Also, my end result was "caring, obese, and quick," in case anyone is interested.


I'm pretty amazed! It's a really good sequel to William and Sly.
Love the music in the background, very smooth graphics and the 3D effect gives a beautiful touch to it =3

Keep up such great work! I'd enjoy a third part ^^
Awesome Game