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Reviews for "William and Sly 2"

what can i say

the game was just great and you did a very nice job thanks for your hard work and efort in making the game i really enjoyd playing it and hope u'll make more good luck on your future projects and if u need any help just ask :)

lack of peril

I have to commend you for making this game really beautiful and easy to control, but there just isn't anything to do up in here. I've played through to the part where hidden things sparkle, and i really can't see any point in playing on. The notebook pages don't tell a story with anything at stake and don't even particularly connect, The mushrooms i've collected, what were they for? they don't allow me to do anything. There are no enemies, No holes to fall down, no danger or anything at stake at any point.

I respect your ability at crafting this engine, but you need to collaborate with a level designer, or someone who can help you to turn this into a game with a goal. Without a goal or any rewards for exploration, the formula has something crucial missing.

thanks and good luck

Kajenx responds:

I guess the best response I have is, the game just wasn't made for you. The game really does have no conflict, I agree, but the audience I made it for sees that as a benefit.

In all honesty I wanted to make a more traditional platformer with enemies and obstacles, but in the end that just wasn't what the first one was about. It would have been wrong of me to make such a divergent sequel when the first game has such a solid fan base.

Very good game, there are not enough out there...

So I am a caring, bloated and zen-minded fox? I can die happy now :D Keep up the good work, I really enjoyed this game! Thanks for your efforts ;)

i'm the mushroom king!

look like i'm a thoughtful, obese, and quick fox

good to hear i'm quick.. i spend half an hour searching for the last chest i didn't opened

really liked this game, like the last one, the graphic was amazing, except maybe the look of the fox himself, liked more the old one, but well, i would give my kidney to be able to make a 3D fox as good as this one

Great Game

It's a great game,I love it.

I have always loved William and Sly,it's a amazing game to me.

Just my opinion,you know.

The point is,I LOVE IT!!!!