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Reviews for "William and Sly 2"

Complete mission

that's tough about medals, i has complete medals. finally last mushroom all and i cant search, maybe you can see a sparkle after element of orbs. I hoping at my missions. I wasn't kidding or joking. PS you trying and see to my medals.

thank you for this game

It's really beautiful, light-hearted and just... well... different. thanks!


Whilst killing time instead of revising this game as been as brilliant distraction. The look and feel of the game is really engrossing. I felt compelled to hunt for all of the mushrooms even after I had collected the rest of the journal, all the while I was really relaxed.


beautiful graphics

wow. definitely a great visual improvement from the 1st game. the game definitely left me playing for quite some time. i enjoyed the power ups that you got from completing those quests.
my only minor qualm is that there's no final "battle". it was anticlimatic for the game to end like that.
don't get me wrong; i enjoyed the game. it's a nice peaceful mood and visually stunning. if you make a third, it'd definitely get a warm reception.

Left wanting more

I really did like the look and feel of this game. However I find myself thinking there could have been a lot more going on. Like some of the signs left me confused, thinking that they were clues rather than just statements. Like "it smells like water here" left me thinking that if you put in the water ahemi, or however you call it, in the right place it would open water areas and there'd be more to explore. The same with all those orbs you had to collect. The fire polls left me confused too. I got the idea of freeing the fairies but with the signs saying "the lilacs need trimming" and "this plant is insane" left me thinking that I could burn away the plants and revel hidden things. With the lack of enemies and the invisible walls this felt more like a filler, collect this, free that, put that there, rather than a sequel to the first game. Which felt more open and alive.

I do like the story that's going on and that we learn more about William who, for being a title character, we really don't interact much with. I really do like these games and I hope you continue them and expand upon this mystical world you're creating.