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Reviews for "William and Sly 2"

brilliant and beautiful

ill admit ive barely started the first (the darklings threw me off just a tad) but this is simply brilliant. the art is beautiful and well presented, the atmosphere is calming, the signs both have little jokes and hints, music and sound of wind and birds makes it relaxing, and for any platform gamers: you get medals and quest prizes. i find the smooth movement really impresive since ive seen other 3D games like this and even 2D games that dont have as smooth movement. i find the simple fact that you are playing as a fox ADORABLE and like how the pixies are animals instead of small wingeed people, very clever ;3 the plot is warm hearted and depending what u like keeps u wrapped up in playing. i sadly cannot animate or program, but this makes me want to learn even more :3 10/10 5/5
it seems im stuck tho... i dont know if i got my reward for the ohnem or not but thats more excuse to play this master piece again later. would love to see a third come out of the series

Did not expect it!

The graphics are TOTALLY different then the last. I absolutely love it. You did a brilliant job on the art. I'm addicted to this game, you have no clue!
Thank god for the auto-save.

You have successfully made ANOTHER fantastic game, sir Lucas.

i wish there was a mute batton

so i can hear my music while i play this game

Kajenx responds:

Hit M. :)

Thank you

Thank you for this masterpiece; playing was a real pleasure for both eyes and mind; reaching the end was challenging but not frustrating, the puzzles were well planned and the rewards were always satisfying. A real work of art. I loved the first, but this one outshines it.

Excellent like the first one.

Glad to realize that, after all, I'm a caring, bloated, and zen-minded fox. ;)