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Reviews for "William and Sly 2"


I never participated in the orginal, but this needed to happen for sure

suprised and pleased

I was suprised and pleased to see a sequal as i just absolutely loved the first game! I found it to be engaging and fun although i might admit to a small amount of frustration when i got 99 mushrooms and was searching everwere for that last one, lol! The only thing i was a little dissapointed with was that you never see any of the gnomes but it doesn't bother me too much as i just love bouncing around as a fox :D

Really great GFX and all

Really great GFX and all but the gameplay is kinda boring. You have to run and check every wall and you give no any clues. On the map the fox lokation could blink and least and there are many details like that. Maybe I m just not exploration type of guy but getting those blue foxes also doesn't help you and not gives any clues :(


Probably the most beautiful game I've played here on Newgrounds so far.

And the music fits perfectly, I really enjoyed playing this game !
I wish the quests were longer, just so I can enjoy it more !

It reminded me a little bit of the game Aquaria from Bit-Blot.

Trully a masterpiece ! ( and sorry for my imperfect english. )


Great work you did there !!! keep up the good work!