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Reviews for "William and Sly 2"


First of all I want to say "thanks" for your great game, I liked the graphics, the music and all the story, it really is a masterpiece.
I didn't play the las game of W&S because i thought it would be boring playing with a little jumping fox and now, I saw W&S2 and thought... let's give it a chance... and really, it was worth it.
I really hope to a sequel with even more "magic and stuff" (BUT LESS MOOSHROOMS PLEASE!!!! ¬¬)
Great art and atmosphere... well in some parts it was rather gloooomy jaja.
Keep it up :)


An absolutely splendid piece of work. However, it does not register me unlocking 4 out of the 7 medals, and it re-awards them to me every time i reopen the game, with the, still failing to appear below the game window. Minor problem with synchronizing in-game and NG achievements, maybe?

Kajenx responds:

Hmm, probably want to talk to one of the mods about it; I'm not sure.


It's simply stunning. The experience is a fun getaway into a little forest with a realistic look and feel. I like the differences from the original William and Sly game, especially the helpful enhancement to help locate the last few items. Outstanding!

This is one of my favorite games

here on new grounds

beautiful graphics and easy storyline

you did superb

breath taking

absolutely beautiful graphics easy game play. i love this game. don't change a thing in this masterpiece. i just can't find the last key