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Reviews for "William and Sly 2"

I did everything, but missed 1 shroom... spent 10 minutes looking for it and finally found it.

Amazing, beautiful, words alone can't describe how much I love this game.

I first played it back in 2011, when it came out in Armor Games, and it's hands down the most beautiful and relaxing Flash game I have ever played, followed closely by its predecessor.

Graphics are beautifully detailed, pleasant to the eyes, they make me feel like venturing into a peaceful forest and seeing all the different things I can learn in it. The music and sound effects add a lot to the presentation, making it even more relaxing and beautiful. This game is an absolute 11 out of 10 in presentation, and it makes the entire experience one of the best I had with Flash gaming.

The gameplay, a platformer fetch quests in which you must gather items to solve puzzles and reach new places, is very well made, very interesting and somewhat spiritual. I enjoyed it a lot back then, and playing it again right now I'm enjoying it a lot once more. Sure, I eventually managed to gatherone of those all of William's journal pages, and I keep on trying so I can get all different collectibles, which this game has a load of, adding quite some replay value to it.

The two things that make this game slightly less amazing in my opinion are that, first of all, it's very hard to navigate without the map, due to the fact the scenery is so huge, and that the game itself is too short when it comes down to it :(

wonderfull graphics! this is a great and relaxing game! i like it! well,it's not easy,but once you finish the temple quests,you are a 'god' and thats the best part! and the relaxing music and sounds! you think i give you a 10? NONSENSE! i give you an 99999999999......... Best game ever
( i may say that more than once)

Very interesting game, floofie.
I played this game when I was around five, forgot the name, and then after all these years I've found it again. Fantastic graphics, soft movements, 3D effect = brilliance.

My only problem was the slower movements while using fire.

Kajenx responds:

It came out two years ago! You must mean the first one (that was still only 4 years ago haha).

lovely scenery, stunning fox motion. nice tunes. very relaxing platform adventure. wonderful squared with a side dish of top notch.