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Reviews for "William and Sly 2"

Great addition to William and Sly franchise. The second game was great. Its good that there was no actual fighting involved in the second; it a more calm and peaceful William and Sly story. It was especially great that I got to know the characters more. And talking about the powers unlocked by the fox! If anybody could as so easily go help a few pixies, open some chests and break some rocks, and then get rewarded with extreme mobility and heightened senses-we would all become super like that fox (love the powers!). If a 3rd franchise is coming up, I think it would be great we could control William! Also talking about property rights, I think the fox's den deserves some features and significance (something i could truly call "Home Sweet Home")
Another splendid game with amazing graphics! Really soothes the soul :) (unless I can't find myself some more mushrooms!) Great job and I wish you the best for the next to come :D

Kajenx responds:

The whole of the wilderness is a fox's home; the den is just where it sleeps.


Thanks for playing! :D


I love the William and Sly games but I like the first one better.

I love this game as well as the original. Would recommend them to everyone. It's one of the few games that is relaxing but not boring.

one of my fav games, i liked it more than first game, graphics are more smooth:)