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Reviews for "William and Sly 2"

Wow, the movement feels so right. Fan of your work!

Hold on. You are still active!?!

Kajenx responds:

Sure, lol.

Add me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LucasPaakh

I've been working on a 3D William and Sly game. It's taking forever, but I might finish it someday. :P

I got caring, obese and light footed fox but only one of the medals: firefox. Whyy! I completed all the ohm quests, got all the journal pages and found all the mushrooms ToT Aside from the missing medals it was a good game.

@Kajenx, thank you for replying, I tried what you said and hit continue and it brought me right to the end of the game where i left off, but my medals still didn't appear :'( i still have the firefox one but that's it.

Kajenx responds:

If you reload the game it should give you missing medals. :)

EDIT: Maybe they don't reload then. :[

better then the first

william and sly 2 on hudgames has so many bugs but my best is 79

Kajenx responds:

Is this shameless advertising? lol