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Reviews for "FF7-WhatDwellsWithinP1"

awesome, just AWESOME

First Review!!!!!!

Pretty good movie. The quality of the animation was good, and I think you did a pretty good job. I´m gonna check the second part, anyway.

This is quite good.

Let's see.. Where to begin?

Ah! I know!

This flash exhibits a high level of quality. The sprite work is skillfully done and animation is exceptionally smooth, and the special effects that you added give a nice amount of polish. Overall, I'd be willing to say that your work ranks up there with the likes of R1665. "Why R1665?" you ask. Well, because his sprite work also exhibits high high-level awesomeness, and neither of you copy Alvin Earthworm-- which is a rather refreshing change of pace, to say the least.

However, as I'm sure you noticed almost immediately, I did not give you a perfect score. The reason for that is because

1) There is ALWAYS room for improvement and I would like to see you consistently top your own work with each new flash.
2) During the fight, the screen started flipping out, and I found that just a tad disorienting.

Final Verdict:
Crazy camera: -1

Seek perfection: -1
Final score: 8/10

This is so cool :D