Reviews for "FvF"

the best

FvF is furry vs furry right? its awsome!!!!

Nice Very Nice

This some what reminds me of the game Bloody Roar I like the graphics, the characters, and the whole idea its just a few things missing. Overall you did a great job with this. Hope to see more of this

i love it

its awsome im gonna add it to my favs if we can do that lol but when i play with the ppl i think of them as me so i try to push them to there limit

an awesome game,friggin awesome

i love the game,the graphics,the epic combos,everything(except the fact i cant tell eaither the character is male or female but no matter).THIS WOULD BE AN PERFECT ANIME.

Incase you don't know,Hero can OTG,this means he can juggle fallen opponent and extend the combo ALOT,if your opponent is blown far away you can dash and do a foward slash,sadly it's hard to juggle into his Dimension Caliber,but it's possible.