Reviews for "FvF"

the best

FvF is furry vs furry right? its awsome!!!!


the game good but the music is kinda bad and if i just randomly push keys i do my specal

Very Impressive

This game struck as a weird one resulting from the fact that all the characters are animals. In addition to that, it would seem that most or all the characters are female. The one or two characters that I thought might be male I still was not sure of. Besides that the characters did display very nice designs with excellent animations and effects. The characters all seemed to have different abilities and most the characters seemed to be balanced; however, some of them seemed to be overpowered in the game. Fox, for example, has an attack that can kill the opponent in one hit if she has full level, which at the beginning of the match all characters do have full level. The weird lizard one also seemed to be a bit overpowered with the ranged attacks. The game also needs to have more gamemodes to fully supply people with entertainment. Very impressive game that could go father if one wants it to. By the way are the characters meant to symbolize your friends and personas? That was the feel I received from the game more than in depth characters.

jonathansario responds:

Hi. :)

There are actually 4 boys and 4 girl characters but the androgyny was intentional. Their powers represent their personalities. They are also characters from my web comics, Fuzzy Things where I will tell the game's story some day.

A whole lot of potential...

I must say, for such a good-looking game there was little to no lag which was a pleasant surprise. And the music was top-notch too.

But The gameplay itself is pretty slow, and everyone has a tonne of health which makes after the first playthrough beating the game again feels painful.

Each character is actually quite fun to play, with different strengths and tactics to make up for one attack button and I found their designs and abilities interesting. But the endings were pretty bad, and they just called attention to a lack of story that I otherwise would have been fine with.

Overall i'd love to see a sequel with some polished writing and faster gameplay.
Some things i'd like to see:
-An option to change the number of rounds per fight, I think the long rounds wouldn't have been a problem if there were only one of them.

-A reason for the fighting to take place, the unplayable one seemed the be the endboss most of the time(except one time I fought him on round four!) and the fact that he was unplayable seemed to set him up as an antagonist. But I have no idea who he is, what he is and why he is there.

-Some characterization.
The guy named hero seems like an obvious candidate for the main character, and the dude with the scythe( whose special ability rocked btw) seemed like he could be an antihero or rival of some sort.
Blue struck me as a fast-talking irratatingly cheerful theif and the robot dude has "for science" written all over him.

With a good writer this could be a excellent game, as it is now it's still one of the best fighting games for free that I know of!

jonathansario responds:

I'm impressed, you're very close. You got Rex, Blue and Hero right. The clue to the Unplayable One is the color of the gem on the book then look at the color of the gem on Fox's scythe. He's not just the anti-hero and he's only using "one" of his "two" weapons (at least story wise).

The endings aren't really part of the story. I'm surprised no ones figured it out yet. Guess most of the players are too young to recognize them. Play Blue's ending then google "Gryzor". It'll make sense. :)


Well, the game is pretty weak in my opinion. Music is bad, the gameplay feels slow and completely random. Combos are weird and either totally own you, or do very little damage. I could do with no story, but if you add a little story only at the end it comes out stupid. Art style is weird, even is they are furries. I would prefer humans.
So, to make it short , it's a bad fighting game.