Reviews for "FvF"

It can be a very good game...

-Nice gameplay
-The art is good
-Great character design
-Need storyline
-The backgrounds are far from well-made
-the music is so-so, not good or bad
Overall: Needs improvement, but this has A LOT of potential.

So so, nice potential though

As seen from the other reviewers, I have to agree the gameplay is too slow for an action-packed fighting game.
There is also a lack of skills, due to only one button used for combat. It would add a bit more if you have at least 2 or 3 combat buttons, as it increases the tactical outcomes of the battle(Something like: weak attack/strong attack, or ranged attack/melee attack, whichever works best for you)
Oh, and about jumping, when my enemies jump, I can't seem to see the position of my character. It's kinda confusing, so it would do better if you lower the size of the characters, or increase the screen size.

The graphics are pretty nice, though, I suppose it'll look better smoother. Not a fan of furries, but ain't hating them. What I really find missing is the background music. In the main menu, there's no music, and it really, really ruins my mood.

Some of my suggestions are, adding more speed to the gameplay, adding more combat buttons and skill, giving it some music. It has an excellent potential as a fighting game, but it's somewhat lacking at this point, 7 of 10 from me

Damn furries

And that's all I have to say.

It's a good game :)

I like this game :) I hope that I'll find more games like this :)

Where the hell is Kixx when ya need him?

Jk... but in all seriousness this is a good game lacking in one basic and important element... speed... the speed sets the pace and feel of the game... you ever notice when playing a fighting game the speed is pretty high? Speed makes fighting games more or less realistic in the sense that when you are trying to attack someone they aren't gonna stand there and slowly move... I would suggest upping the fps or using less double frames... also work on keyboard configuration... seriously... my fingers were fucking killing me after clicking F for so long... overall I give this game a good score and expect a sequel... ;)