Reviews for "FvF"


the controls are hard ti get used to and also very awkward so not da best

Nice Very Nice

This some what reminds me of the game Bloody Roar I like the graphics, the characters, and the whole idea its just a few things missing. Overall you did a great job with this. Hope to see more of this

Very nice but...

There is a bug that occurs sometimes : back to the screen with the add and the "play" button, alterning with the demo screen. It keeps switching between these two screens without the possibility to play anymore.
Happened to me twice while doing the arcede mode, preventing me to finish it.
I like this game very much though, the special attacks are varied, the graphics are nice and the musics fits perfectly.

Once the bug is fixed it'll deserve a ten :3

P.S : sorry for my bad english...

nice game really but lack something

i like Grand Chase so i don't have anything again 1 atk button, still need to improve game speed(too flashy make flash game slow regard of system). And in most 1 button versus game, their put more effort in using battle field advance, try to think about it :)
another things people had said it

A bit slow paced and repetitive

I have to agree with other reviewers regarding a lack of combat buttons that can lead to reptitive battles, i.e. all the fights boil down to how quickly you can press the F button! There's a varied list of characters here, and in my opinion this game really only needs a review of the controls before it can become something a lot more formidable!