Reviews for "FvF"

i love it

its awsome im gonna add it to my favs if we can do that lol but when i play with the ppl i think of them as me so i try to push them to there limit

Can't get in

every time i press da play button it just show me the demo battle and boot me out back to the play button

very cool

wish my comp was a bit faster id definitely play a bit more. havent seen many vs fighters on newgrounds so this was a nice change of pace for me. weapons were very sweet and the combo's were pretty easy to jump into and being able to warp around everywhere was a nice changeup for me at least(used to negeo and snes fighters).

Very Nice!

I can tell you put Great effort into it and this would be fun with an online mode ^_^ continue with it make a number 2 that corrects all your mistakes :D
I'd pay for this if it improved, added multiplayer and put on Steam : )


is it ???? what is it the f word vurses f word what??