Reviews for "FvF"

ya its good but its impossiblle! im mean impossible to unlock characters beside that its better than excellent ultimate no even more!!!!

Nice to look at, feels good to play.

First I must say I'm not a fan of furrys for the most part, but I quickly found that I could ignore that. I remember when I first played Super Smash Brothers, and how the simplistic controls made the game more accesible, and so more exciting right from the start. FvF's two action key controls are alot of fun, and while I could say that reduces the potential for deep and complex gameplay, that's not really something you expect from flash games. This is definetly the foundation for something great, and I would be excited to see something bigger that builds on the formula.

The only reason I'm not giving a ten is because the game is small in scope. Definetly nothing wrong with the gameplay at all.

an awesome game,friggin awesome

i love the game,the graphics,the epic combos,everything(except the fact i cant tell eaither the character is male or female but no matter).THIS WOULD BE AN PERFECT ANIME.

Very Fun

Very fun, very entertaining, explosions and lasers everywhere.

Great game.

Not my cup of tea

Very VERY well made game. But me personally I just don't like the controls for the game, alot of people will like this though so they should all try it for themselves...