Reviews for "FvF"

ULTIMATE F*CKING LAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd give 5 though but a bug triiger full screen from spaming "f" button just ruin game sometimes...
This game slow down if play on slower computer.
Nice animation, great music track.
Simple control but not so simple to pull out good one.
Could use more attacks but it good enough as it is though....

PS: Can you upload the music track? it just way too nice. lol (at least for me)

And for those who have trouble taking on Fox unforgiving, I give an easy hint for him.
Fox special attack + low health + enemy wide open = ? (Figure it out yourself)

this game is very nicely composed it is very fun. @deadman1218 fox isn't the only guy in the game, Rex, hero, and mono are all guys, you would know this if you actually payed attention to the character descriptions.

beautifully well done, but I can't help that practically that all the characters expect one are girls. As a matter of fact, fox is actually one favorite characters now, keep up the good work.

Great game, one of my favorites I dare to say

I Like the characters a lot, and how they're all different to give diversity to the game. I like the simple controls, this game reminds me a lot of skull girls.

By the way, I love the soundtrack, May I ask what the 3 songs are called and where can i download or find them.

Anyway, nice job, well done game, and hoping you keep doing this kind of work