Reviews for "FvF"

Veeeery Nice!

It looks like a beautiful game! Maybe some thing can be applied to be a perfect game: first at all it lags and it's slow, second some special moves don't hit the opponent.

Nearly perfect.

Everything about it is amazing except for one thing,the game glitches after three or four matches in arcade mode,it just returns to the opening scene with the press 'start' option and when it is clicked upon,the same thing(it will keep returning to the same scene)will happen over and over again.

jonathansario responds:

That was a CPMstar issue. Some ads were causing the game's main timeline to loop (like the Dragon Soul ad). I reported it to them and they fixed it but they show ads based on a player's location so I only got to report ads that show in my country.

Some ads may still be glitching.