Reviews for "FvF"

Stun Lock

Either ends the game for them or you.


I very much enjoy this game actually, it has high quality performance with good character picks. You also have a direction for tutorials, which is really great if you consider, because if it doesn't you aren't able to counter- attack and partially lose every round you play.

nice work

I dig your distance sensitive attacks and your dash counters

some nice ideas hidden in a fairly simple system.

not a fan of the character designs, but that just me, the game and engine itself is very well done


Very good game, we'll thought out. Some issues, nothing serious. This is just not the kind of game I want to play on computer, but since that's just an opinion, i'm rating what I would otherwise. I like the genre a lot, fighters are fun, but I still think they should remain on console.

jonathansario responds:

I agree. This genre is best enjoyed with an arcade stick. I just wanted to make one in flash because I love the genre and... they are so rare in flash.


Highly enjoyable, love the comic book feel you gave uit. though there are a few issues, tehnical and otherwise
one personal note is the charactor themselves make not sounds, have not start or win poses and this kills their personality-which is sad cuz each charcator has avery differnt look and feel to them
also, controls can be real flightly, id suggest opening the map up just a little more.
either way, great game-hoping to see more from it.