Reviews for "FvF"

Needs a little work

Pros; So far you've got a good number of characters with enough variation between them for the characters not to seem like clones of each other, you've got a good number of stages for variety, simple easy to learn controls and good graphics.

Cons; Unfortunately the game suffers from severe lag and you can't play it offline to get around that. Firefox and chrome both play this game at 5fps and internet explorer manages 15fps. You would tjhink adjusting the quality in the options would help but it makes no difference. If you try to play it offline in irfanview the game shuts down when you hit escape to bypass the demo rendering the game unplayable. Maybe some other people are having better luck but I know the problems not my pc, it's not new but has a pentium 4 2.93 ghz processor, 2 gigs of ram, and a nvidia 6200 series 128 bit 3d accelerator and I never have trouble with flash games or much else.

Fix these issues and you have a potential 10/10 5/5 game on your hands.


Everything was fine until the game loaded and there were furries everywhere.

jonathansario responds:


so much potential...

...crushed by a steep learning curve. I can defenitley feel that this game COULD be incredible, but overall, it feels a little too harsh for novices. I've picked up on what seem to be mechanics based loosely on MVC, but having never played the game very intensely, I feel awkward with FVF. Regardless, mashing away at the F button certainly provided a flashy show of appealing graphics, effects, sounds and music. Had this game featured a more extensive tutorial, I could've easily given it a 9, maybe even 10. Sadly, it just falls flat in the area of informative-ness.


The game looks nice,i like very much this type of flash,the characters aren't the strongh point of this game (they looks confusing,i don't know whos a guy or whos a girl) and i like more human characters,well this only my opinion,the game it's wonderfull anyways.

Me Gusta

I enjoy this game. It pleases me.