Reviews for "FvF"

two sides on this

I always was really sad when i saw someone tried really hard, spent a lot of time and because of one mistake the whole thing was not worth all the work. You did perfect music, awesome characters, nice backgrounds, but gameplay was the weakest parts in a game. Yes, there were combos, but i think in a fighting game there supposed to be few more control keys. I understand it's impossible to make a Street Fighter or BlazBlue in Flash, but looking on the grapichs it is certained you could make a better gameplay. Good game, anyway, but it could be perfect. Looking for a sequel, hoping that my opinion will be helpful.


The game is well made and enjoyable, but I think you should have used the Arrows instead of WASD...anyway, GREAT WORK!

great potential

awesome design, but far to laggy and slow. most say it could be a 10 game and i agree, but you should probably fix the speed issues. i love the way this game looks and feels, it just needs to be sped up. im giving a 10 not because its perfect, but because its really high quality and im sure the issues can be dealt with. you earned it by doing an amazing job.

Can't believe I'm playing this in flash....

Very impressive visuals, harks back to the days of Street Fighter Alpha and Marvel Vs Capcom. Nice simple control system, great sound effects, almost flawless EXCEPT, the controls are a little laggy. Though as far as the framerate lag I've read about, no problems here, ran at a comfortable 40fps for me and that was with the screen expanded.

I would seriously consider developing this outside of flash, give the characters some back story and expand the control system slightly.

Honestly one of the most visually impressive flash games I've seen in a long time, just proves it doesn't have to be blocks and stickmen.

Laggy and furries...

Good looking game, too bad it's pretty much unplayable. This could be a 4+ with the art alone.

From what I could tell, I personally found the characters too complicated and because it was all furry hard to differentiate or even relate to. Do these characters have stories? What's the context of this whole game anyway? You're introduced to a bunch of characters at once with all these specific moves and no idea what they mean. I think the concept is actually a bit too much for a Flash, given the performance limitations.