Reviews for "FvF"

I like it!

Although theres only 1 button to attack, unlike the conventional 2 buttons ( kick and punch). I liked it alot, but the enemy has been blocking and dashing the enemy game, and its kinda annoying. Mono is OP. :3

jonathansario responds:

I'm glad you liked the game.

Mono was actually designed to be the "glass cannon". He has the highest DPS but has the lowest vitality and evasion.

Great game

had fun nice graphics, music, the unplayable one should be playable :D, but yeah definitely a nice game so i look forward for maybe a sequel some day, things u might wanna look into are more characters and attacks, and also the ending score board thing wasn't working for me :(
PS i love how u added customizable controls :D i wonder why many games don't have this

jonathansario responds:

There's 2 unlockable characters when the game is beaten on hard mode.

Creative characters, nice graphics & easy to play

Entertaining and creative characters coupled with nice graphics made this game visionably easier to play. Enhancing the speed of the game would make it more desirable. I do agree with some of the remarks I have read with regards to using the arrows keys for the basic moves. Then utilizing w a s d and f for all the specialty moves involved with this game. Over all this is a great game and I hope you do consider making an upgraded version.

oh wow

it reminds me of some old school fighter games in all the right ways, i wish it had some netplay for some of my buddies but i enjoyed it ^^i look forwardt o seeing more of your work, i have only played blue and hero so far gonna play Fox next mmm scythe but again great game look forward to more, oh and the score board is messed up or somethign i got code error 1 at the end? not sure

jonathansario responds:

Error code 1 is playtomic lagging again. Ben fixes that within hours.

Great Game, I would say..

I think that the graphics are great I really like the Idea of having a kind of 'old style' fighting game where there are different characters and they all have their own abilities.
I do however wish that the game wasn't so slow, as I did see myself not mashing buttons, I had to wait for some of my attacks to go (not mashing buttons isn't bad however the attacks did take quite a while to perform)
Also I didn't like how I was using one hand throughout the whole game, might I suggest using the arrow keys to move the character and maybe using your right hand for attacks?
Ither way I did like this game ^-^ (Blue is my favorite)
Do make another one of these games soon ^-^