Reviews for "FvF"

Good fighter

Pretty good fighting game loved the gameplay of it. Wish there was a more music on it though and it would've been alot more better with a storyline for each character but other than that decent fighter.


your getting 5s and 10s my friend this is my favorite flash fighting game the combos were good, the specials, everything

Wooo a brawler

Love brawlers
good art interesting play style annoying at first but once i got used to it very useful and simplistic interesting charactors music was repetitive but i never really noticed same with sound so good

computer either sucks or is too good with certain characters as Rex he just raped me with one long combo aginst players though it did seemed balanced except for blue shes way too good

some times the game would glitch between the play screen and the demo vid i suggest removing demo vids though it was a nice touch.

Can't help feeling this could be a RPG.

anyway 9/10 5/5

Cool game

Really laggy for me though, even on low quality.

I thought it was funny when I played Megan and went up against Fox.

We all know it's meant to be Furry v Furry.

Can't use arrow keys.