Reviews for "FvF"

Not bad.

I like the sound track but the gameplay is kinda of slow.

Why does this game encite you to be horny..

Is there an Adult rated version of this?



pretty fun

I am a fan of the art style and I find the game simple yet fun. I don't find the music extremely good but I feel it serves it's purpose as god background music. I like the variation in characters, makes it so there is a someone for whatever you're style is. Of course there is the somewhat common complaint of one attack button but I don't find it that big of a problem.

Lol What are fighting games?

Have you ever been adept or even played a fighting game? this is incredibly broken in so many ways.
1.Way too easy. beat the game, i only lost one match on the hardest difficulty.
2. Controls are awful. Why is there one button for attacking? WHY? make it four. just four attack buttons that you can use with your right hand, such as jkl;. that way there are a variety of attacks instead of the retarded assortment of moves that come out sometimes, and just decide to not come out because THERES ONLY ONE ATTACK BUTTON.
3. The guard break system is mainly what makes the game so easy. because you can cancel anything into guard break, i was doing 50 hit combos with full meter as Megan, or i would cancel into the arrow that is super powerful and would get them down to about 4 hits left of health.which i then could use the remaining 3 bars of meter to get them in a stunlocked bullshit combo that is me tapping the attack button and w every once in a while. Solution? the guard break is a good idea, but make it cost 5 bars of meter and maybe give it a cool down. actually, give it its own seperate meter. thats a better idea, so you can give it its own cooldown and eliminate this bullshit that you call combos.
4. FIX DASHES. the fact that i can dodge anything simply by dashing is retarded. i can never get hit. sure, theres a cool down on dashing, but its not nearly enough. but you should be able to be hit when dashing, because THATS THE TRADEOFF! you can get closer to your enemy to attack them, but you run the risk of getting hit.
5. no sort of set up or story at all. i had no clue why i was fighting, and thats okay, but its not okay when you suddenly add story to it at the very end.
So ultimately, if you actually want to have a good flash fighting game (which you would have the monopoly on) you need to 1. Improve ai or do something else to make the game more difficult. because as of right now, its truly a piece of shit man. dont listen to what anyone else is saying, when they tell you "good job man!" one of two things are happening. they are either really dumb, or terrible liars. im taking the time out of my life to help you fix what is broken, so at least consider what im saying so you can make this game better. The internet needs one good flash based fighting game.
So, in summary.
make it harder
add more attack buttons
fix guard break
fix dashing
There you go.
Oh, you get one star for art. who ever did the art is pretty good actually. im not into the whole furry thing, and wouldve prefered it if they were, you know, people. but its whatever. however, A LASER SWORD DOESNT NEED A SHEATH.
Have fun fixing this, which you hopefully do,

jonathansario responds:

Art, programing, planning, everything was done by me. You should make your own game and give me a run for my monopoly, if you have such great ideas. This is my game and its obviously not for you. :)