Reviews for "Villainy - The New Toys"

Well Done

It was great, the sound was amazing. Very smooth I give this a 10.


That is the scariest mom I've seen in a while. The vocal patterns of a parrot the face of a grandma and the body and mind of a succubus. I almost suspect she was made by a plastic surgeon named Dr. Frankenstein.


man, the stuff I love most about your toons are your facial expressions
the smoothness of the animation is great and this is hilarious

Love it.

Very funny. Greatly animated and a very well done.

Hilarious, as always!

I never really pay very much attention to this series, so sometimes I feel a little confused as to who the characters are. I'll have to catch up on this series later, but in the mean time, I'll just review the main video. I found it really funny that his mom was getting all these really messed up gifts, and just the overall feel of the cartoon was pretty funny, yet screwed up. I especially liked the picture after the credits, lmao. Great work dude, and I'm really excited for the next part in this series.

-Powerdude964, OUT!