Reviews for "Villainy - The New Toys"


Ima filipino its good you know what are filipinos and stuff im a little offended but its ok its just good awsome ill give you 10

One thing not explained

If Santa did come over, why were the milk and cookies untouched (plot twist)?

little filipino boy

well, im not offended but you should made it more general


Very funny and theutopianking can go lick balls. Hater

This is Newgrounds!

I thought this was really funny because everyone can relate to it in some way (the embarrassing mum getting an embarrassing present and making an embarrassing joke out of it). Regarding theutoplanking's comment, thats bullshit. The story is perfect, a middle aged guy gets up to open his christmas presents on christmas morning while his mum, who he still lives with, films it. Obviously thats a dumbed down version , but i honestly dont see whats wrong with it. And ps3gamer250, this is Newgrounds! People come here and expect stuff like that! Thats why i respect Newgrounds, it allows people to push the boundaries of comedy, among other things. People like you are too caught up in trying not to offend someone, you just need to grow up like the people who do get offended! All in all, great animation, great voices, and great storyline. And i will definitely remember it!

DonkeysBazooka responds:

marry me?