Reviews for "MadSeth X-Mas Special 3"

Great Story you made

Who's that criminal guy dress like santa claus, and
I hope link's taking care of himself.

Rapheus responds:

The criminal guy? It became a cold case. Try picking one Santa out of a crowd near Christmas. It remains unsolved to this day.

And have you seen MadSeth 5? Link isn't doing too well...

Sad ..

oh.. my god

Rapheus responds:

I know, right? Almost made me sad, and I animated the damn thing.

i love the happy music
i love the storyline
i love the way you make videos
i think your skill may Evan rival Gabriel barsch and krinkals
plz reply
oh what am i saying you always reply :P

Rapheus responds:

While I don't believe I'm on they're level, I greatly appreciate your praise!
Here's your reply!

so sad -crys-

Rapheus responds:

Now now, killer. Here's a tissue. Dry those tears.

it says at end thanks to mom, dad batman krinkels. what the heck is batman in the movie? NO!!! so where did he come from?