Reviews for "MadSeth X-Mas Special 3"

poor link :(

i wish i would make him cheer up to make him happy again



merry christmas

Rapheus responds:

The only thing that cheers him up is hunting bounties, and lately that isn't even doing much for him.


Sence I'm still new to NewGrounds who is this link?

Rapheus responds:

He's a character in some of my other animations. Have a look! And welcome to Newgrounds!


i feel bad for link the he didnt like X-Mas

Rapheus responds:

A double murder will to that to a holiday...

Nice work man! My music went well with this! 5/5 Keep it up! I am watching :-)

Rapheus responds:

Hey hey! I think it was the haunting music that gave me the inspiration. You keep up the good work too, my man!

I saw Santa and he was a fake! The beard has strings. And that guy is Seth! No kidding, no kidding.

Rapheus responds:

Santa is a fraud! And Fake Santa isn't Seth, but Seth's hat is somewhere in the animation...