Reviews for "MadSeth X-Mas Special 3"

Sad ..

oh.. my god

Rapheus responds:

I know, right? Almost made me sad, and I animated the damn thing.

This is the most suspensful special ever you made.

I was so shocked that Link was 8 in 1993.

That's why i saw that Link hates Christmas because Santa killed his parents and then Link killed Seth and Ganondork in 2007 and 2010.

Wow, i am so infamished. I hope it gets more funnier. :)

Rapheus responds:

Yeah, I wanted Link to at least be a few years older than me, and I was born in '90.

That'll make one hate Christmas, having the Jolly Man kill your folks... Poor lil Link.

There's more humor on the way, my friend!

Great Story you made

Who's that criminal guy dress like santa claus, and
I hope link's taking care of himself.

Rapheus responds:

The criminal guy? It became a cold case. Try picking one Santa out of a crowd near Christmas. It remains unsolved to this day.

And have you seen MadSeth 5? Link isn't doing too well...

Sweet stuff!

I'm glad you finally got to another one of these. Though I'm wondering when the next regular installment of Madseth is coming out, it's still generally good to see that you're animating, and getting better at that. Good work, I like how it explains Link's past a little better, and overall explains what's been happening during the previous specials and why.

-Powerdude964, OUT!

Rapheus responds:

I usually pop out a MadSeth proper animation each Madness day. MadSeth 6 should be out on Madness Day 2012.

So now we finally see why Link hates Christmas, poor little guy.

Thanks, Powerdude!