Reviews for "MadSeth X-Mas Special 3"


Sence I'm still new to NewGrounds who is this link?

Rapheus responds:

He's a character in some of my other animations. Have a look! And welcome to Newgrounds!

Santa kills

so that's why link kills everyone on Christmas

Santa kills his parents
yet another great animation keep it up

Rapheus responds:

Thank you, my man! I'ma keep on keepin on.

poor link :(

i wish i would make him cheer up to make him happy again



merry christmas

Rapheus responds:

The only thing that cheers him up is hunting bounties, and lately that isn't even doing much for him.


The assassin (Link) has always been my favorite character in the whole series, so when I saw this... it touched me a little. Very little, but still.

- Art/animation looks pretty solid, so moving on...
- Story is well done and a little sad, though perhaps classic with the orphanage thing and all. Still, it's good.
- Santa shooting Link's parents came out of nowhere so it was a total surprise. Which is great.
- I would have expected it to be longer, you know, see what he did afterwards. I was expecting him to hunt down and kill the santa as a kid. But well, perhaps later...

It is good, but sadly, it is too weak to get a REAL reaction from me. I admit, it got a reaction from me, but... not that big of a reaction, if ya know what I mean.

Though I think was thinking "no..." when his parents got shot... Eh... *Shrugs*
I dunno. Confused myself here.

I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year mate! Keep on doing the good work!

4/5, 8/10

Rapheus responds:

Funny, because Link was always my least favorite, but after making this, I have to feel for the poor guy. He took the opposite approach than Batman.

-No one expects jolly ol St. Nick to whip out a magnum and blast your folks...
-The Santa was never found, he simply sunk into the shadows of Haiku City never to be seen again, as Santa anyway. The man is still out there somewhere.
-I was going to make it longer, you know, showing crappy Christmas after crappy Christmas, but I think after his parents getting shot, not much can be worse.. I see what you mean, though.

I swear someday I'll get a reaction out of you, Aleksi. Some day...

And a late Merry Christmas to you, too! Hope the Red Man left you some cheer!


the more you learn i guess. still kind of messed up.

Rapheus responds:

Haiku is a twisted place, my friend.