Reviews for "MadSeth X-Mas Special 3"

so sad..

my sister is crying while watching link got his parents killed

Rapheus responds:

Oh wow, quite the emotional response. Achievement Unlocked.

I like how it has a story instead of random murdur great animation

Rapheus responds:

Thank you my good man. As you can see, Madness has its consequences.

poor little guy... lost his parents... lame gilfs... very sad
by the way did anyone notice that link wearing his dad's jacket?

Rapheus responds:

One night Link was able to sneak out of the orphanage and get his dad's jacket from the police evidence room. It's his most treasured possession.

Just that?

I'm sorry, it's just that I have been so used to seeing Madness stuff with more action in it. I can't hate it, because there's nothing that bad about it. It is certianly not something I would recommend, but at least the animation is good. I think that is how the movie "Silent Night, Deadly Night" started out. In case anyone's wondering, the body count is two. That has to be the lowest body count for any Madness tribute I've ever seen.

I can only suggest that the next part have more action in it. I haven't seen the other entries in this, so it's hard to judge. Why is it called the third in the series if the cartoon itself indicates that it took place before 2010? Well, I hope you had a great Christmas season, I guess. It's great how Madness and Christmas always gets high ratings.

Rapheus responds:

Never seen "Silent Night, Deadly Night".
And I've already broken the 'Lowest Madness Tribute Death Count' record twice: Tale of Lambert with one death and Mother's Day Massacre with zero deaths.

And this is kind of a prequel to the MadSeth Christmas animations. I'd suggest you watch the other two for some grounding. -Plus they have higher death counts.

Regardless, thank you for the lengthy review.


i feel bad for link the he didnt like X-Mas

Rapheus responds:

A double murder will to that to a holiday...