Reviews for "{dj-N} Crystallizer"

Listening to your tracks since I was a youngun. Good to know you aren't dead >:D

Man, I used to listen to your songs yeeeears ago, great you are still making music. Although I'm not a big fan of that genre, this track really sounds amazing. I'm waiting for more!

First of all. It was really nice to see your name in my NG feed again after several years. This track sounds great so far man. I like how you've uploaded two tracks, where one revives your old style and this one, which takes on a new direction for you. Everything about you is just as amazing as I remember it. Keep it up man! I'll be listening in!

Man i grew up with your music.Tears in my Eyes/ Beginning of Time/ The Perfect Sunset first version and when you switched to dubstep i also moved on. But with you here bringing it back whilst also incorporating all you've learned from dubstep all i gotta say is count me in!