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Reviews for "A Derpy Christmas"

Very nice animation, goes along perfectly with Derpy, i could almost imagine this in an actual episode :)

As for those who think she died, I'm pretty sure she didn't (her eyes stayed open, isn't it a natural reflex for your muscles tor relax when you die, resulting in closed eyes? or am i mistaken? :S)

It... Loops...
Pretty funneh though

Halarious and Deffinantly Boss.

Still nice

I guess this wasn't that good because it was so short. It's also not a good idea to have a cartoon that loops like that. Still, I have to give you credit for giving some screen time for the one and only beloved Derpy Hooves! While it was short, it was certainly funny with what she did. I hope you had a great Christmas celebration, because I know I certainly did. The best thing is probably how you keep up that great style of animation.

I even liked the confetti that shows up at the end. It's amazing how many good examples of shading you can show off even with only a few objects. I was expecting a bit more. Derpy is known for having some pretty funny fan voices for her. I'm not even sure if she was the one who said "Muffins" in that one episode.

david:so cute