Reviews for "Verge"


IMHO game "From the creator of Depict1" should have much more about story. This is just a very good platfomer.

It's okay, I guess

I did not think there was much to the story (which you unlock, by the way, via touching the butterfly creatures in the underworld in each level) It just seems like a confused little poem that is only vaguely related to the seeming concept of some sort of redemption story. That's how it seemed to me, anyhoo.
I liked the mechanics and the puzzles, though. I really like platform games in general, and would have appreciated this one a little more if it hadn't seemed so vaguely pretentious.
The main medals were all fairly straightforward. Two different endings, speed and kill everything.

original but

For me it was a little bit boring, but I amused myself.

Some sort of review goes here.

Fun, creative, can't help but notice that black guy going after the white girl...

Spoiler Alert!!!

As my memories return, fading back to me,
a part of him, I cannot be,
making my way toward this fate,
I sense him out there lying in wait,

this vivid trance consumes me,
and sets my spirit free.