Reviews for "Verge"

Interesting, good atmosphere, short

A game with an interesting gameplay... Death is not the end, just the beginning. I love games like this that play with the idea of 2 parallel dimensions (sort of).
Apparently this is a remake of a game by Kyle Pulver (Xerus) -there are walkthroughs from 2009 on YouTube-, more polished, with a bit different effects, and an angel (whose meaning I don't quite understand).

The game is nice and interesting, although maybe a bit too short.
It's a bit annoying how yellow boxes get stuck to walls, specially when the wall ends with a ramp, but the box won't move even if you get on top of it.
I tried getting all the butterflies (only got 2 or 3 of them). Wonder what they mean... do they have to do with the "Line ***" medals?

I tried to find an alternate solution to the last level with no success. Angel guy eats me. Also, there seem to be butterflies in boxes on the last level, but I didn't manage to reach them.

Tip for gamers: use arrow keys and not WASD, taht way you have your left hand free for tapping space. (Oh, I normally dislike it when the jump key is not the up arrow, but in this case it was justified, when you're upside down things would get annoying)

PS: Don't know if it has to do with my OS, but I got a "Line IX" medal (hurr hurr).

the game

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!! it kind of reminds me about super smash BROS

Great, but wish there was more.

The game's quite novel in the way it plays, and it reminds me of Portal to some degree - the use of momentum for puzzles where timing is crucial and you need to do creative problem solving makes for a very riveting experience.

The music is absolutely wonderful. It's so eerie I had to turn it off - it was creeping me out after a while! That said, the sound effects are perhaps a bit loud relative to the music, but no biggie.

Make no mistake: this game is designed to frustrate you out of your wits as you piece together what exactly you're supposed to do after receiving just the basic info. For this reason, I think it would be unfair for me to tell anyone reading the review any more than that *snickers* Figure it out on your own, and leave no stone unturned. You will feel better about it after you *do* figure it out.

Now, why the 9/10? For the level of frustration given to the player, I feel like there isn't enough reward for it in comparison - I specifically remember thinking "that's it?" upon completing it. It seemed to be building up to some important/big resolution and some explanation, but plot-wise seems to leave more questions than answers (leading to the unfinished business feeling). It could use just a little extra story there.

Despite this, I'm dying to play it again! (sorry for the bad pun :P)


i believe i found a glitch on the level after reaching the angel(with all the fairy's collected)
i reached the huge hill(the one with fairys that if you touch,you go thru and nothing happens) and after going for a while i fell through and got stuck. to one side is the beginning of the hill(which i cant go thru) and the other side is a black wall.altho i can go through the black wall,nothing happens. the character goes ofscreen untill you turn around.

so now im stuck in a endless loop of going between the life and death dimension =/

hard as heck! I love it!

To many games these days are to easy good to see a little difficulty also love the pixel look. Hate the reverse controls but its a loving kinda hate.