Reviews for "Verge"


I love this game. And the way the graphics are reminiscent of Cave Story. The game concept is really cool too. dying to enter a sort of hellish world and then teleporting back up to move across the map is really a cool idea. Good Work!

Fun but.....

Hey this was a great game and i really enjoyed it but like dude below me im now stuck at the star screen (preloader) and have no way of playing it anymore. Other than that small thing great game!

Interestin concept...

All the so called platform games are about.... hmm... how should i say it...
not diyng!
This brings a new twuist to the old world of platforming (and i know that because i grew playing mario at the arcades) :D
Nice job

Absolutely worth the time

Difficult at parts, but that's what all puzzle games are like, so overall a very good game. I have never seen anything like the death idea in a game before, it truly is impressive. Great music too!

It was interesting.

It was a pretty nice platoformer.