Reviews for "Verge"

nice consept!

hmm my first thought was "Cavestory" when i saw the character and the general graffic of the game and gamplay (just without the guns:P)

Fun and challanging :D

I like to concept

I like that you made 'death' into a way to progress. However, that ultimately takes the consequence out of the game and thus, no real fear of failure. There needs to be some sort of way to fail.


i really enjoy the concept and gameplay, the graphics and sounds reminds me a lot of cave story. the only thing that i dont like of it is the music, and is only because i think is very repetitive. anyway, a really good work ¡congrats!


Wonderful example of duality and infinity. Almost a demonstration of escape from the wheel of suffering. Not much to say other than I liked the design and complexity. I never got to see what happened if you didn't shake off the ghouls or any such thing.


Kept me glued to my screen throughout the game. I just beat it and got the "Welcome Home" medal, but I really wish there were a "Level Select" option. On verse X, I noticed that all the fairies I collected formed a bridge. At that point, I had to decide whether I wanted to continue onto the fairy bridge to see that ending, or jump down to the angel to see that ending. I went with the former, but I wish I could go back to that level to see the other endings.

As for bugs, (you'll probably clear this up soon) the hitboxes on the dragon enemies are actually still visible as a translucent red square. Also, on the final level after verse X, when you reach the top of the mountain and a halo forms over your head, I saw the door leading to the ending and below it, another one of those "cross" icons thats lets you come back to life from death. I thought to myself "Hmm... maybe... maybe the door is a trick. Perhaps the cross icon is a hint that I'm supposed to die" so I pressed down, died... and broke the game. I was sent to an area that I could not escape from and had to restart the level.

kurismakku responds:

Fixed dragon masks bug !!