Reviews for "Verge"

the main character

was the main character the victim of a plane crash? thats the sound effect i hear when hes in the spirit realm.

any advice

this game worked at first a little jumping and walking i could tell it would take me along time to beat so i decided to log in so i could save my game but for some reason when the game reloaded all i got was a repeating space animation that apeared to be going fast

Anyone know a way to fix this

p.s. i didnt wanna remove stars just b/c of a little mess up so i put the average rating

I love it

This is another one of those art puzzle games that gets you thinking about whats happening. I like the music and gameplay but the story was kind of hard to understand because it was in achievments.

great game!

i liked it, very well thought out

The concepts in this game trump a lot of AAA games out there.