Reviews for "Verge"

Interesting and fresh

I really enjoyed playing through this! I'm sure I'll return to play again from time to time too. The gameplay was great, I had no issues with lag or anything. Also, it was relatively challenging in some spots of the puzzles. Overall, I loved the feel and play-ability of the game. Very sad and kinda simple yet deep story. There should be more games like this out there!
Also, the music reminded me of parts of the Golden Sun series, which is really cool. Great job on the soundtrack; it was beautiful, sad and mysterious, which fits perfectly!

Keep up the creativity!


Top notch flash game as always. But there were a few parts that I didn't particularly think was good design.

The initial stages really make it difficult to grasp what the mechanics of the game are. I didn't actually quite understand what the teleporting or dying was until the first water flipping.

Unfortunately, as mysterious as something like that is, it wasn't very satisfying nor did it give a gratifying feel of accomplishment when randomly following a mechanic I couldn't make sense of. So a more straight forward introduction would be helpful, I think.


Look at them graphics oh my God it's so amazing it feel so good to play.(Not be taken sarcastically).

i got the return to me ending at 18:43:06 great game and awesome physics!!!!!