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Reviews for "Verge"

Great Game

Really enjoyed it

One of the coolest platform gimmics in a while!

The story was great, discovered as you went along rather than just thrown at you. I personally loved the life and death situations where death had to be used sometimes. The controls were nice and basic and worked most of the time for me, very rarely did I have control issues. My only complaint had to be the last level where very many dives were necessary. having to dive under or over that last obstical was a bit of a task. The music was also great and was very fitting for the game.


Have you changed the music within the last 3h? Cos the one I hear in the background now is perfect! As for the game in general- great idea, great execution. I thought I've seen it all, but somehow this is something new. Congrats!

I love it!

It is truly 1 of a kind. Outstandingly entertaining!

Great short puzzle platformer.

Original music, story is simple yet hooks player until game is completed.

Only downside is that it is, well, short, and there isn't much room for a sequel.