Reviews for "Verge"


This game has an amazing climate, one-click move to the land where your deepest dreams become rea

great game

Loved the death mechanic. great puzzles. nice atmospheric music and look. The length is perfect too because it leaves you wanting more after the first play through. Nice work!

I needed to review this

I actually created an account just to review this game. It is an awful, uninteresting and pretentious game, the controls are broken (the character randomely jumps and walks left or right), the graphics are ugly (I am usually a fan of pixel art graphics, but this looks like ASS), the whole death mechanic is interesting but why is the gameplay upside down, it just makes it even harder to control. The fighting mechanic is pretty much pointless. This is really just another average game in a tide of wannabe indie titles. I'm doing this for your own good.

3/10 because the game is functional.


It sounded cool at first, but it just seemed like any other game. Not worth playing.

Verge in French

Verge in French means "penis." Just saying. Ok game. Not great.